Little Hands Make Lighter Work

Small handprints on a wall usually raise the ire of Mom or Grandma, but not in the obstetrics unit at South Shore Regional Hospital. Bright red, yellow, blue and green hands mounted on the Wall of the Future mark the birth of a new baby and recognize a gift given to support the wonderful care received by baby and family.

Funds raised by this project are used to purchase new equipment for the nursery and delivery rooms and to provide opportunities for the nursing staff to attend educational seminars and conferences.

Each gift is recognized by the installation of a colored hand, engraved with the child’s name and birthdate, on the Wall of the Future.

The wall is prominently displayed across from the nursery at South Shore Regional Hospital. The child is sent a commemorative certificate and tax receipts are issued for the full amount of the gift.

Every year more than 400 babies are born at our hospital. Please consider celebrating the birth of your little miracle in this special way!